Turning 25: Twenty-Five Things I’ve Learned

By | 28th October 2019

Today I turn 25. A quarter of a century! I feel like I have already had my quarter-life crisis so that’s good?

I am by no means an expert on life but I thought I would share 25 Life Lessons I have learned along the way and particularly in this past year. It has been a big year of change, learning, and growth.

I’d love to hear some of your favourite ‘life lessons’ below! 

1. Less is generally more (exercise, stress, worry) 

2. Just because someone says it is healthy doesn’t mean it is healthy (for you or at all) 

3. Walk everyday (the fresh air and time to think do wonders) 

4. Be open to new experiences (I constantly admire my friend May for the new challenges she takes on and the new people she talks to) 

5. Your parents usually know best (value their advice and opinions) 

6. Be proud of your beliefs and stick to who you are (I no longer feel the need to defend the way I eat or live)

7. Don’t try to force the way you eat or live upon someone else (exhibit A: trying to convince my parents to be vegetarian was a very bad idea) 

8. Invest time in your friendships and relationships (they take work too. Living far away from many of my friends I have definitely learned this) 

9. A smile can go a long way (especially in a big city… or in a city where it rains a lot. How else do you think I recruited someone for Papergirl in my building’s gym?) 

10. Ride a bike (it makes you feel like a kid again and is a great way to explore the city) 

11. For me: being skinny doesn’t necessarily mean being healthy. This is something that I have really struggled with this year but am coming to terms with.

12. Don’t procrastinate on resolving your health problems (how I wish I had gone to see the naturopath sooner) 

12B: Don’t try to self-diagnose yourself using blogs and WebMD (that will just lead to many sleepless nights, failed ‘treatment plans’, and convincing yourself you are going to die) 

13. Take time off. Relax and recharge.

14. Budget your money. My Dad will love this one, but once I began tracking my spending it really opened my eyes.

15. Be sympathetic to what others may be going through. I have really learned this as a TA. Man students have problems. At times I find it hard to be sympathetic to their (many) excuses but you never know what they are going through. They may have multiple jobs, be dealing with depression, struggling to pay their way through school, or just plain busy.

16. Explore the city you live in. Don’t be afraid to do it by yourself. I have really loved my time in Vancouver and the opportunity to discover so many new things. Which leads me to… 

17. Spend time by yourself. I love being surrounded by people but moving to a new city and initially not knowing anyone meant a lot of alone time (no lie in the first few weeks I lived here I went to yoga class just so I could be around people). Being able to be comfortable alone and going out to do things by myself has really helped me ‘as a person’ (become more independent, more confident, and just more comfortable with myself).

18. Stop comparing yourself to others

19. Sometimes it is ok to say no. If you’re tired and would rather stay home, do it. I tend to over commit myself to things (and later regret it). I’ve been working on fixing this!

20. Be honest with and accountable to yourself and with others

21. Stop worrying about the future. The universe has ‘got your back’ and generally… things do happen for a reason

22. Self-care is important (despite how selfish it may seem to you)

23. Do not underestimate the power of stretching (foam rolling and yoga)

24. Choose what you value or what is important to you and let the other things go. You can’t always do ‘it all’ or get everything check off your to-do list.

This also means letting the apartment disasters go

25. Sometimes breakfast for dinner and a little dark chocolate is all you need.


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