Thinking Out Loud – October 24

By | 24th October 2019

Time for another Thursday which means I get to ramble. Basically, Thursdays are my favorite. Thank you to Amanda for coming up with the great idea in the first place. Actually, Amanda was one of the first blogs I ever read where I felt as though as I was conversing with her while reading her posts. That’s the sign of a charismatic writer, and I desire that found within my writing as well. Sending lots of love to Amanda.

1. One of my friends from high school is working on his YouTube channel where he posts his live performances. We did not keep up much throughout the school year, but now that I am back in town, it has been a pleasure to catch up and hear how his life is turning out. I took some time earlier in the week to sift through his channel and to listen to all of his songs. This one is my favorite, though I am slightly biased because I just love the song. Give it a listen if you enjoy a beautiful song. Wayne’s voice has really transformed over the past few years into something amazing!

2. I have stuck to my daily devotions, and I can actually feel a difference. It’s nowhere near a complete transformation where all of a sudden I feel God on a daily basis, but my intention for each day has felt much more fulfilled. It’s a matter of not just going through the motions, but actually enjoying the company of others and not being consumed by trivial matters.

3. My cat Snickers has always been calm and collected. She’s never been one to make us crazy other than being a bit of a nuisance on occasion. This past week though, she has been as talkative as can be! I have never heard her meow as much as she has recently, and it’s been weird. A part of me thinks she is trying to tell us there is a ghost in the house or something. I have watched too many horror movies that show the animal seeing the paranormal entity before the rest of the family, and now I am paranoid.

4. Alright, where are my Bachelorette peeps? I’ll admit, I read spoilers (btw, Reality Steve was wrong this season!), but I still get just as invested in the season. I could write an entire blog just on my thoughts about this show, however, I will save you from endless talk of my love for Ben H. With that said, is anyone else completely frustrated with the lack of structure this season has had? I miss when every episode ended with a rose ceremony. Sigh. I cannot expect so much from one of the worst reality shows out there. I still love it with all of my heart though. No shame.

5. The plumbing in our kitchen broke down Monday night, and I woke up on Tuesday morning with a strange man in the kitchen! Turns out, I gave both the plumber and I a bit of a fright. I just wanted some eggs.

6. Speaking of eggs, I broke the yolk of my sunny-side up eggs. I have never done that before! I did not even know what it was going to taste like, but it ended up just resembling the inside of a hard-boiled egg. I enjoyed it, but I missed out on the runny-ness that I love so much.

7. In less than a month, I will be back in San Diego. WHAT? Where did the summer go?

8. This week, the incoming freshman at San Diego State got their dorm assignments. I have crept on their class’ Facebook page to see who my potential residents are. I am just so darn excited to meet them all, I literally have to refrain myself from commenting on every post. I cannot wait to get to know all of them!

9. Guys, I feel lost when it comes to Twitter. I created one for this blog, but I just have no clue what I am supposed to do with it all! Anyone have any suggestions with how to improve my Twitter game? Who are the best/funniest accounts to follow?

10. In true fashion for me, let’s end this TOL on a quiz! Err, this is not really a quiz, but more like a checklist. How Much Do You Love Peanut Butter? I ended up checking off 32 of the items. Some of those options sound not too pleasant. I wonder if people really enjoy tomato slices and peanut butter together!

Tell me…

  • What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?
  • Do you watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette? Tell me all of your thoughts!
  • What’s your favorite social media application?

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