The Devil Is In The Diet

By | 31st October 2019

I hate to use the word “diet”. At least in the context of food deprivation to the point of insanity.

Instead, I would rather use it in the context of things that I am eating regularly or in some cases only currently.


80% of any kind of success be it weight loss or training starts in the kitchen. So, I decided to do a major undertaking Sunday afternoon.

To backtrack a moment, I had mentioned in some posts over the summer that I changed my diet (i.e. what I’m consuming currently) to more of a Paleo lifestyle. This includes eating healthy, lean meats with lots of veggies, healthy oils, some fruit and some nuts. NO processed breads, sugar, or any grain whatsoever.

It wasn’t easy and my laziness with what I cooked caught up with me. I am one of those people who put myself in a food rut. Basically, I will make something that I like and eat that almost daily until I get so sick of it I have to change.

In my defense, I am pretty busy with working fulltime, taking care of my family, and working out. So when I made the grand announcement of all my goals for 2020 I knew I would be in big trouble if I didn’t change up my diet. This means plan and make foods ahead of time in order to be successful.

That particular lifestyle has both advantages and disadvantages.

Major advantage was that I finally managed to sleep through the night – consistently. Huge for me because I usually don’t and I pay for it the next day at work.

Advantage #2, my persistent heartburn pretty much went away.

Major disadvantage was my running. It initially suffered a little. This was my body shifting from using mass quantities of carbs for fuel to now using fat stores.

Disadvantage #2 – Food Rut.

Overall, the pluses out weighed any temporary, negative effects that I had except for the food rut.

I am all about the healthy eating but it also needs to taste good and be easy to prepare.

In a nutshell, I failed miserably at my first attempt. I didn’t get the hang of it and went back to eating, although healthy, the way I did before.

The heartburn and restless nights came back.

Moving forward with my training diet I wanted to adopt that lifestyle again because I feel it is right for me. The question was how do I prepare things week to week without sinking into a food rut again. I knew once I got into the habit of this lifestyle, I can be successful.

I subscribe to the Ultimate Paleo Guide newsletter and they offered a cookbook to purchase. This, I thought, will be my ticket to success.

I don’t think I have ever planned like this for our weekly meals.

Sunday was the day. I was planning to precook most of our weekly meals so it won’t interfere with my training for the week.

That major undertaking took roughly 5 hours to do and I still didn’t get it all done. Here is what I got done.


Citrus Beef Salad Stir Fry with Baby Spinach
Egg Salad with homemade mayonnaise
Waldorf Salad w/ Chicken


(Real) Hungarian Goulash
(Breadless) Meatloaf

Next time I will post pictures. Everything turned out great as far as my taste testing went.

So here I go, intuitive eating in play, with my second try at this. Keeping an open mind and adjusting where I feel it necessary to keep my training strong.

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