3 Essential Weight Loss Behaviors. Are you making the right choices?

By | 17th November 2019

Dieting is not my thing. Health, wellness, healing, joy and self love are.

They fuel me. They fuel my clients. And those looking to lose weight, do.

Now, I’m a little shy to say that there are no secrets held in this post. No. Absolutely no undiscovered pearls of wisdom. Zero treasures you’ve never heard of. Just regular info with outstanding results.

Info that works, if you will. So will you do the work? Because here are 3 things you need to know for permanent, healthy weight loss:

1. Eat Real Food.

No numbers or chemicals. Just real food. If you were meant to process junk, you’d look rather different in design. Love your beautiful body by giving it basic, real food that grows hair if unattended to. This is self love.

2. The Whole Story.

I was amazed yesterday when I went for a bone density scan that neither the technician nor the secretary working there knew about calcium rich foods other than the perceived goodness of dairy (for another day!). They also questioned me on the difference between whole and refined grains.

Rule of thumb: If it’s white, avoid it. Whole grains contain everything your body needs. They are packed with nutrients and goodness. White, refined ‘food’ is essentially sugar. Why waste the space in your body with sugar? Eat to nourish yourself. Eat whole grains! This is self love.

3. Rest up.

This tip is two fold. Firstly, make sure you are sleeping enough. Example: Two nights ago I hardly slept. Yesterday I consumed double – yes, doublewhat I generally do. Driving home I was also craving salt and wanted to buy crisps. I didn’t – but it wasn’t easy (I actually made sure to divert my route so that I didn’t pass a gas station where I could buy them!)

Insufficient rest will cause you to make unwise food choices as your body desperately tries to get fuel for energy. You’ll turn to stimulants and high calorie, nutrient free alternatives. Rest. This is self love.

Secondly, eat loads of raw and let your body rest. Unless of course you’re deep into winter. Let the enzymes  found in raw foods do the digestion and assimilation processes and let your body use it’s own energy for other healing, living work.  Aim for at least 60% raw in each meal. Super easy if you include juices, salads and smoothies. But don’t overdo fruit. Raw veggies and leaves are delicious and a must for permanent weight loss and good health. This too is self love.

How I lost 3 kilos in 9 days.

For as long as your body is loaded with toxins, weight loss is even harder. Feeling glorious and glowing is unlikely. Feeling washed out and like that hamster on the wheel is more like it.

I’ve been detoxing. Here’s what I’ve been doing:

Every day at least two liters of juices and superfood smoothies. I pack in max 3 fruits a day, kale, celery, sprouts, beets, parsley, maca, noni, spirulina, aloe vera, almonds, chia, brazils, hemp seed, tahini, avos, cukes…. Tons of goodness. Now some of these ingredients may be greek to you. That’s ok. Essentially, I consume nutrient rich plant foods that taste great and heal my body by cleaning and building it.

I’m also doing gentle exercise daily and Soul healing meditations and work.

Is a liquid feast where you’re at? Maybe not. Maybe you need something more gentle as a build up?

Detox is crucial for self love and self care. Just as you clean the outside of your body, you must clean the inside, regularly. And following a regular diet does not do that. Even I, who am healthy, need to detox. I live in a polluted environment. I take it in.

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